RadioWrap-Up: Life in the Sports Lane

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM_..web_-150x120Diane McGraw talks about her life in sports

Annmarie was invited Diane McGraw to Happy Hour and they talked about everything sports - the upcoming World Series, what it was like to be part of that World Series experience. Diane was married to Phillies relief pitcher and legend, the late Tug McGraw,during the winning Phillies 1980 World Series. Diane also talked about how she became one of the first women executives in sports entertainment and her fabulous "Dare to Dream" mentoring program for young people.

Diane also wanted you to know about her event next weekend. It's the PA Sports Hall of Fame Induction ceremony weekend, October 23-24.

I found two articles about women in the early days of women in sports that show how different it is for women in journalism and management today compared to what it was even just 30 years ago: Female Execs and Women journalists. And I found this fun article about the Chicago Cubs prediction: BackToTheFuture

n talking about the debates, and socialism, I mentioned some research about income tax and who pays what. here's the research report: PEW Research

If you missed the article about the Checo kid who got the Papal blessing: Pope Francis

About the Thriller dance, here's the one I danced last year: Thriller Scranton. It's hard to see me, but I'm in the center, jut north of the middle in a black shirt and jeans. if you want to dance Thriller, here's info: Thrill the World. BTW: If you have any suggestions for how to bring this to West Chester next year, let me know at

My quote for this week is from speaks-to-my-heart and it’s great for us midlife women who want to live out loud and in living color.

“You can’t hide your true colors as you approach the autumn of your life.”