4.1.16 RadioWrapUp: Carin Rockind

2012_09_25_CarinRockind_125-Edit-200x300Carin Rockind and I had fun this Friday. Carin had the perfect life: the lawyer spouse, a big house, a fabulous corporate job. But, she says, “I felt empty. I cried all the time. My husband was frustrated. I felt like I was living someone else's life. I just felt like I was here for something - something meaningful - for PURPOSE - but didn't know what that meant or how to pursue it.” Not until she – literally – had a gun to her head did she do something different. Carin now has her masters degree in happiness, and will be talking with Annmarie Kelly about what happened and how she turned it around to find purpose and meaning and happiness - plus all about how you can use the science of happiness to improve your life. ” Find out more about Carin at: http://carinrockind.com/

If you have a suggestion for me about where to watch the Villanova game on Saturday (walking distance to the Academy of Music), let me know...and thanks!

Want to read about that Canadian study? Senior Women

And if you're interested in the 50+ Bridge Program for women, call Home of the Sparrow:

Here's today's quote from Martha Washington:

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.


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