5.6.16 RadioWrapUp: Fixing Brain Fog

Dr-MikeDowIf you were looking on my website or FB, you read that Leeza Gibbons was joining us for Happy Hour today. But, late yesterday, she had an emergency and had to postpone her visit with us.

Since I couldn’t get another guest fast, I thought I’d bring back Dr. Mike Dow and the show he did with us in January. Dr. Mike wrote the Brain Fog Fix. You know, just yesterday I found out someone I know is moving into nursing care due to dementia. A lot of us are dealing with that with relatives…and we’re hoping there will be some magical cure before we get there.

Dr. Mike doesn’t have a magical cure, but he does have a couple preventative things you and I can do now that will help us stay in good brain condition. And if you go to his website, you can look at what his has and also watch a free video series. Check it out: Dr. Mike Dow

I talked about a couple things that I want to share. One of them was about medical marijuana for seniors. If you missed the show, here's the link: CBS Sunday Morning.


Here's the my fabulous Mae West-style red shoes I wore last week, and that's me with my sweetie, Joseph.

And here's a link to the Biography of Mae West Here's another one about her successes: Mae West/HistoryNet

I hope you'll join me for The Girlfriend Gala. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, get them here: Tickets for Girlfriend Gala

Look here for more info about Girlfriend Gala

Here's the quote for this week, from Mae West:

Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.

So go out this weekend and let your little gleam travel!

Talk to you next week!


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