6.10.16 RadioWrapUp: Susan Cohen-Dickler


Susan Cohen-Dickler joined Annmarie this week for Happy Hour. Annmarie and Susan talked about Susan's reality show history, being in midlife, having a  partnership with your spouse and Susan's newest story-telling project, one that she's super-passionate about: Personal Cast. Here's the KYW clip Annmarie and Susan talked about: News Story about PersonalCast Studios . Interested in finding out more about how Susan can help you tell your story? Go to her website at Personal Cast.

If you;re interested in that 70-home garage-sale at Sagamore, here's ’s the link to the ttp://yardsales.net/s/fNc7

Today’s quote was a funny one from some anonymous person who said:

“Old People at weddings are always poking me
and saying “you’re next.”
So I started doing the same thing to them -
at funerals.”

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