8.5.16 RadioWrapUp: Overcoming Divorce

brenda-reynoldsAnnmarie Kelly and Brenda Reynolds talked about Brenda's unique divorce experience - unique because Brenda's work as an organizational consultant is all about making things work. But nothing prepared her for her own big life change.  It required a mid-life reinvention at a time when the future was unclear and yet to be determined. Annmarie and Brenda dished about what she learned and how she came back from the devastation she experienced in her divorce.

Brenda Reynolds has been a sought-after consultant, speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, author, and founder of BKR Consulting.  She has spent over 2 decades consulting to organizations, leaders, and teams during times of change and transition. (i.e. Sherwin Williams, AOL, Special Olympics).

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The park I was talking about, the free one with the free parking and resonable-rate rides, is Knoebel's in Elysburg PA

If you're interested in music, there's Musikfest in Bethlehem. You can check out the free performances, stuff for kids and the paid performances. I think I'm going to see Lady Antebellum.

Here's this week's (anonymous) quote:

“Good things fall apart so better things can come together.”

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