9.16.16 RadioWrapUp: Marshmallow Reinvention!

obx_sept2015We had fun with powerhouse Victory Chick Amy Trout Hughes who turned her passion into profit. First she launched MultiHat Solutions, a consulting firm providing advisory services to professional athletes and non-profits. But then things took an unexpected turn. Earlier this year, over a bottle of wine, a friend wanted to know why she was giving her homemade marshmallows as gifts instead of selling them. 09187b4d823a54bd4f74bf8f5e9c77a2Today the MarshmallowMBA has more than 75 flavors of marshmallows that are fat-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free but NOT fun-free!  They include Craftmallows based on classic cocktails (these are the ones the Girlfriends were treated to in their gift bags at this year’s Girlfriend Gala), I personally carry a few of the marshmallows on my thighs... But that aren't all about sugars. The GamersEdgeTM energy marshmallows have caffeine and B12 and the AthletesEdgeTM marshmallows with additional electrolytes for performance athletes.

We talked a little bit about women in baseball and here are three articles you might find interesting:

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