11.4.16 RadioWrapUp: Who Moved My Teeth

whomovedmyteethgameboard_final_3Cathy-Sikorski-2-150x150Attorney Cathy Sikorski joined us again at Happy Hour this Friday. We talked about about Medicare’s open enrollment, how to handle your employer when you’re caregiving and more. Cathy also shared tips from her new book, Who Moved My Teeth, which will be out this month. Learn more about Cathy and her new book: Cathy Sikorski.

I watched the world series on Wednesday and I would have been excited whichever team won...they both deserved it. But I'm glad to see the Curse of the Billy Goat is gone. Now I hope we can give the Billy Penn curse, that was supposedly removed in '07, a little tune-up.

What do  you think about the Pope saying that women will never be able to be priests? Never. I talked about that and, if you want to read what other people are saying, check this out: NYTimes and women priests.

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This week's quote is fitting for our election season, but I don't know who said:

There are always too many Democratic congressmen
and too many Republican congressmen,
BUT never enough US congressmen.

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