Unwrapping the Five Year Marriage™

Last night I took the wraps off the Five-Year Marriage™ during the inaugural event at the Pyramid Club in Philly.It was exciting and fun!

There were many interested and curious people who wanted to find out about the Five-Year Marriage™. It was mostly women, but a few men were there, and the ones who were got really engaged, including a man who has been married forty-two years! And a couple came who are marriage mentors – something they do with their synagogue. They chatted with me a little after the event. They can see the need for and the possibilities of short-term and contract marriage.

And then there were a couple people who were just annoyed with the Five-Year Marriage™ idea. I expect that. A lot of people just don't want to upset the applecart with some new-fangled idea about marriage.

But, cheezlouise, with the divorce rate being what it is, and so many people living in unhappy marriages, I would think people would want a sensible alternative. Even governments are showing concern in countries like Mexico and Australia.

Did you know…in Australia, if a couple is married for less than five years, the have to go to counseling to try to work it out? If they don’t, they won’t be granted a divorce!

The divorce rate is a serious problem in almost every society. And the incidence of domestic violence is terrible.And you can ask many women who didn't divorce - maybe for economics or maybe for the kids - it's no fun to live with someone you don't like, in a relationship in which you feel lonely.

I'm very encouraged by what women who have already read Five-Year Marriage™ – who gave me feedback as I wrote the book – are saying. And some of them have given me testimonials, including:

  • “This is the kind of stuff couples should know”
  • “I wish I’d used this as a guide before I got married – I might not have gotten divorced the first time”
  • “I’ve been married a really long time but I can see these ideas making my marriage better.”

Five-Year Marriage™ will be available for pre-sale in November. We launch in February. Stay tuned!

You can read more at FiveYearMarriage.com