RadioWrap-Up.5.4.18: Women’s Rights in History

Mary on Friday Happy HourWhen it came to women's rights, you may never have heard of Alice Paul. I didn’t. She was a powerful figure in the women's rights movement and a mover and shaker in the women’s suffrage movement. And, when women got the vote, she didn’t stop. Alice Paul was active in the women’s movement nearly her whole life until her death in1977.

It's sort of amazing how little women know about our own women's rights in political history? Reporter and Author Mary Walton thinks not enough – and she’s been working to change that! Her biography of Alice Paul will fascinate you!

Mary Walton is the author of A Woman's Crusade: Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot, plus four works of non-fiction.  She was a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer for 24 years.   Mary is joining Annmarie Kelly at the Friday Happy Hour to talk about two women who made a difference in their own day, and their contributions are important to all the Victory Chicks today. Mary Walton was a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer for 24 years. You can find out more here: Mary Walton

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