Victorious Woman Webinar

Transform your challenges into personal victories

It's easy to live your life based on someone else's life plan - a parent, a spouse, your social group, even your kids. If you are like most women, you like to help people and also like approval, so it's fairly effortless to step into the "best supporting" player in your own life. As a result, without even realizing it, you can forget what you really want and what makes you really happy.

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The Victorious Woman Webinar includes instant access to:

  • A one-hour webinar
  • expert interviews
  • Victory by Design: The Midlife Woman's Reinvention Guide Ebook (pdf)

Stretch out of your comfort zone to be more of who you really are,
do more of the activities that satisfy your soul and have a life you'll LOVE living!

Victorious Woman Webinar

It's time to reconnect with your goals and dreams!

In the first part of the Victorious Woman Webinar you’ll learn:

  • About 4 different lifestyles
  • The patterns, habits, & characteristics of each lifestyle
  • How to identify WHICH lifestyle YOU'RE living
  • How that lifestyle either supports or sabotages your goals

The second part of the Victorious Woman Webinar explains how to develop a "Victory Strategy" - a system for achieving your goals. You'll learn:

  • 3 steps to get what you want
  • How to break down each step into actions you
    CAN do, RIGHT now.
  • The 'BIG SIX" Victory Skills that will keep you
    moving towards victory.

Why wait?

Look at all you get for $57:

A one hour webinar
On-demand access to fascinating interviews with 2women who have inspiring stories
A copy of Victory by Design: A Midlife Woman's Re-invention Guide (ebook - pdf)

It's time to reconnect with what you really want and what makes you really happy. This webinar will show you how.

Don't let your dreams take a backseat any longer!
Your time is NOW!

VictorybyDesignCover-2And there’s more!

Every participant will receive the ebook of
Victory by Design:
The Midlife Woman's Reinvention Guide
which has step-by-step instructions to get you out of your boring comfort zone and skyrocket you through your personal glass ceiling so you can experience the personal power that is a more fabulous expression of the real you!

Every participant will receive INSTANT online access to expert interviews with

main1Cake Girls-02 with product 2013Dorthy Leeds, author & speaker. Dorthy believes questions can change your life. She tells us the best questions to ask and how some of your communication could be chipping away your power. 

The Prosperity Sisters, business owners. Their story of persistence is both humorous and inspiring -- during a crashing economy they started a new business venture, their cakes are now featured on Rachel Ray's 'Snack of the Day'

BE MORE of who you really are, DO MORE that satisfies your soul
and HAVE MORE of the life of your dreams.

Purchase The Victorious Woman Webinar! including
a copy of the Victory by Design E-book and interviews with fascinating experts,
and start on YOUR path to VICTORY!

Buy now for only $57

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