Savvy Sizzle “No Regrets” Master Class™ WORKSHOP




A workshop series that takes you, Step-by-Step, through the lifestyle makeover that let's you ditch the frump and fizzle of the old year and start the new year with SAVVY SIZZLE!

The Savvy Sizzle "No Regrets" Master Class™ Workshop includes:

  • FOUR 2-hour classes
  • The weekly Savvy Sizzle Workbook
  • Victory by Design e-book


  • Bonus#1 - A 30-min private coaching session - one-on-one - with Annmarie Kelly ($125 value!). You can use it anytime during the four weeks and up to a month after the last class. This coaching session will help you stay on track, especially when life distracts you or if you feel guilty that you’re enjoying your new freedom and passions. This coaching time will give you the support you’ll need to focused and committed to following your dreams.
  • Bonus#2 - Post Workshop Follow-Up Class.
  • Bonus#3 - One Victory Circle
  • Bonus#4 - A Private Facebook group for questions, help and support

Whether your catalyst is a midlife divorce, empty nest, illness or maybe all those years of ignoring your SELF are starting to catch up with you - and you don't like it.

Want to stop feeling like you're getting old and your best days are behind you? Want to start feeling the passion and excitement- and hope - you used to love feeling? Join Annmarie Kelly and the Savvy Sizzle Master Class -- it will get your year started on the right track...and keep you going. And you don’t even have to leave your house!

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