Your Victory Circle

Groups of six to eight women. The members help and challenge each other to their next victories.  Learn more

Thinking on Your Feet: Presentation Skills for the Nervous Presenter

Do you dread making presentations? Do you get so nervous that you fidget, avoid eye contact and stumble around your words? Whether you’re talking to your boss, sharing information at a meeting or networking, you ability to engage your listener and get your point acrosscan make or break your career. In Thinking on Your Feet, you will be able to identify key elements for presentations, learn how to apply critical “do’s” and avoid sabotaging “don’ts” and start getting those butterflies to fly in formation.

SmartWoman@Work Leadership Certificate
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This series is designed to develop your leadership skills during pivotal times in your career and provide support during critical career transitions. It is a year-long program that focuses on your leadership identity, including embracing your strengths as a woman leader and building and integrating your experience with new skills. By the end of this process, not only will you have developed your leadership skills but also have built a long-term professional network.
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